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About The Tour

History is Abundant!

Take a ghost tour through historic Shepherdstown, the oldest town in West Virginia. Its' rich history includes early settlers, French/Indian War, Revolutionary War, Civil War, building of the C&O Canal, and history of life along the Potomac River. 

Beautiful Sites; Haunted Sites

Take a tour of the strange and curious.  Lost history will be uncovered; sad tales of true love and lost loves will be told; ghost stories of spirits left behind will be shared. 

Strange Mysteries Unfold

Ghosts, mystery, Hollywood, and....elephants?  

Bring your walking shoes and flashlight.  Indulge your senses as you walk through this quaint, historic, scenic town. 

Tours are Wednesday through Saturday nights. Please call for meet location and time.   


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Shepherdstown Mystery Walks

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Coming up:  How I got started in the paranormal world.

Welcome to Shepherdstown