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Is Shepherdstown really haunted?

Questions I’m often asked during tours

Another question I am asked quite often is….Is Shepherdstown really haunted?

To that question, I answer a resounding “YES!”. From the cemeteries, to the clock tower, from Trinity Episcopal yard to Shepherd University campus, from the Historic Shepherdstown Museum to the banks of the Potomac River…a resounding YES, Shepherdstown is haunted. 

Located in the panhandle of West Virginia, only 1/3 mile from Maryland, Shepherdstown is strategically located along the mighty Potomac River and only 10 miles from Harpers Ferry, Shepherdstown is the oldest town in all of West Virginia.  

The deep, long history of Shepherdstown…starting as Pack Horse Ford or Boteler’s Ford…with three wars moving through its streets, with it being the field hospital for the Battle of Antietam, and with its numerous personal tragedies, why yes, Shepherdstown is certainly active.  In fact, a paranormal TV show was filmed here and it lasted 2 seasons.  Numerous other paranormal shows have filmed episodes and even pilots in Shepherdstown, as our ghosts always are gracious and show up.  Why would these TV shows, actors, production companies and crews all seek out this tiny little town?  Why because its haunted, of course.

So, how do you know this best ghost tour around is haunted?   

Just be open to it!  I have had literally hundreds of folks tell me during tours that they are being touched, they’ve heard something, seen something, smelled pipe smoke or have seen orbs, mists, or shadows.  I have been sent over 150 photos from tour goers, and those that clearly show spirits are checked out to be absolutely sure they are not faked or photoshopped before they are included in this haunted walking tour.  Yes folks…you get to view these pictures while ghost touring with Shepherdstown Mystery Walks.

 Walk into any cemetery in Shepherdstow and you may catch sight of ghostly presences surrounding you. Whether you’re a ghost  hunter or a lover of ghost stories, you need to visit these Shepherdstown hotspots to experience some serious paranormal activity. 

Tourgoers have reported their fair share of paranormal experiences including seeing ghosts in the roads, alleyways, cemeteries, hearing voices, especially on the final street of the tour, and strange smells of fires and smoke on the South end of town  And let’s not forget the touching.  That occurs throughout the Shepherdstown Mystery Walks tour. 

In the press

Shepherdstown Mystery Walks has been written up in several travel blogs including in VingleDaily Magazine News and in Piranha Daily News.

So click on BOOK A TOUR and come travel with me through the dark, shadowy streets and cemeteries of Shepherdstown. See for yourself.

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