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Do You believe in ghosts?

Do YOU Believe in Ghosts?

Hi – Janet here, owner of Shepherdstown Mystery Walks!  Today we are talking about ghosts, and whether or not you believe in them.  It seems like no matter where people are, or what their beliefs are, there are always ghost stories being told.  On vacations, around campfires, in cemeteries, or on Halloween.  Some are told to warn children against being foolish, some are stories of actual people remembered and passed down through generations, and some are simply meant to thrill.  But there’s one thing for certain, we seem to be connected to the paranormal, hence, ghost stories. However, believing in these stories and creatures or entities within them tends to be another matter altogether.

Do Americans Believe In The Paranormal?

Seemingly, the short answer is yes. While we at Shepherdstown Mystery Walks undoubtedly believe in the paranormal happenings and ghost stories of all kinds, and love to share our knowledge of the inexplicable happenings reported and experienced throughout Shepherdstown, there are some who remain skeptical. One thing to note:  WE LOVE DOUBTERS ON Shepherstown Mystery Walks tours!  We welcome non-believers and skeptics.  There is nothing healthier than a great, mixed-belief tour group.  Studies report that about half of modern-day Americans believe in the paranormal or supernatural, so whether you believe or not, you’re in good company and are welcome on our tour!

I started believing when I was about 5.  I saw this picture, and I was hooked. 


The picture turned out to be a ‘supposedly-proven’ to be a fake decades years later, but it opened my mind to what was out there.  This picture turned out to be one of the most famous hauntings in the UK.  According to Wikipedia, the “Brown Lady of Raynham Hall” is the ghost of Dorothy Walpole (1686–1726), the wife of Viscount Townshend.  The story says that when 2nd Viscount Townshend discovered that his wife had committed adultery with a Lord, he punished her by locking her in her rooms in the family home, Raynham Hall.  Dorothy was in fact entrapped by the Countess of Wharton. She invited Dorothy over to stay for a few days knowing that her husband would never allow her to leave, not even to see her children. She remained at Raynham Hall until her death in 1726 from Smallpox.  Yikes…right?  That stuff actually happened with the Royals back then. Many, many sightings of this ghost have been recorded.  But, as a girl of 5, I was hooked when I saw this!

Why Would You Believe In The Paranormal?

While many people may think that believing in ghosts and the paranormal may be superficial, these beliefs can be much more ingrained and complex than they might seem. Because humans as a whole are social creatures who crave togetherness, the pain of losing a loved one to death can be unbearable, but the hope of contact from beyond the grave is attractive. For others, the sheer mystery of death and inexplicable things is interesting enough to cultivate belief. There are many different theories and many of them could be correct! 

This picture was taken in Martinsburg, WV only 9 miles from Shepherdstown.  I was scouting for a paranormal TV show back in August, 2017 and I was in a very historic location.  This was during a massive heat was and the upstairs of this location was 114 degrees when this picture was taken.  I walked into this room and felt an absolute cold spot in the corner and told the crew to start taking pictures of the corner immediately.  I knew a young girl named ‘Annie’ was there. 

This is the picture they took, that they showed me hours later!  Do you see her, standing there in the right corner?  No doubting this one, folks.  The corner was smooth white plaster -no staining – nothing that could possibly have been this figure.

Don’t Be Afraid To Explore The Paranormal World

At Shepherdstown Mystery Walks, we invite you to explore your own paranormal beliefs and challenge whether or not you think ghosts are real! Talk to friends and family members about their experiences with the supernatural, explore Shepherdstown, WV.  Book a ghost tour with Shepherdstown Mystery Walks – Shepherdstown’s only TripAdvisor Top Travellers Tour 2 years in a row.  may find yourself becoming a believer or confirming your pre-existing beliefs!



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